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The jury and the first major event of the Akida Film Festival are known

By Alejandro Barco Mourad, 06/13/2024

Three months after its start, important news about the Akida Film Festival continues to be announced, such as the first of the main events of the contest, which will feature Rocío Márquez and Marcos Gualda , the jury and several of the most notable screenings that are part of the this year's official selection.

The festival, which will be held from September 16 to 20, screening 46 short films, has just confirmed the presence of singer Rocío Márquez and director Marcos Gualda at a special event held during that week. They will attend the Avenida 5 cinemas on September 17 and 18 to interact with the public and present their short film Senegal: A Dream of Round Trip , selected for the festival.

This short film, shot between Huelva and Senegal, has a documentary format. Through social denunciation and giving visibility to international cooperation projects, it seeks to show the world the work that is being developed in the African country. With music as the common thread, it promises to be one of the highlights of the festival.

In addition, the festival has announced the official jury of the contest . In this edition, it will feature Pedro Verdún (director of Misión secreto, a short that will be presented at Pride 2024 ), Helena Kaittanni (starring actress of La Singla and several Spanish series), Juan Carlos González (Film critic), Dani Sa- Lo (Director of Photography) and María Pasadas (Director).

Among the official selection, there will be short films that are candidates for the Goya : Plein Air (by Raúl Herrera with Ana Polvorosa, Ana Torrent), Arabia (by Alberto Díaz López with Zoe García De La Torre, Xose Antonio Touriñan), No Hay Fantasmas (by Nacho Solana with Catalina Sopelana), Anticlimax (by Nestor López, Oscar Romero with Manolo Solo, Belen López, Jorge Clemente, Fabián Castro), The Other (by Marc G. Ros with Daniel Grao, Rocío Muñoz-cobo, Mar Del Hoyo) and La Vida Entre Dos Noches (by Antonio Cuesta with José Manuel Poga).

The winners will be announced on September 20 at the final gala of a festival that will continue to reveal news in the coming months.

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