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"Plein Air" will compete for Best Drama at the Akida Film Festival.

By Alejandro Barco Mourad, 08.07.2024

This dramatic short film directed by Raúl Herrera will be part of the official selection at the Akida Festival. In this introspective work, we delve into a mother-daughter relationship portrayed by the renowned actresses Ana Torrent and Ana Polvorosa.

After competing for Best Short Film in the latest edition of the Goya Awards, "Plein Air" lands at the Akida Film Festival, vying for the award for Best Dramatic Work.

The cast includes Ana Torrent (known for key Spanish films such as "The Spirit of the Beehive," "Cría cuervos," and "Thesis"), Ana Polvorosa (who rose to fame in the series "Aida" and has also appeared in "Cable Girls," among other productions), and Guillem Barbosa (one of the main actors in the series "La Ruta"). The first two play the leading roles as mother and daughter, respectively.

The character played by Ana Polvorosa is a writer who feels trapped within herself, despite living in the open space of the countryside. She yearns for the freedom found in the anonymity of a bustling city. Her artistic block prevents her from connecting with her surroundings or with her mother. This is all due to possible past traumas that resurface as she returns to the idyllic landscape of her youth.

Paradoxically, she is writing a play about a landscape painter who cannot access the landscape, revealing to her the possibility of not rejecting the ordinary by being confined within himself.

This contemplative work is a strong contender for the award for Best Dramatic Short Film at the ceremony to be held on September 21 at the Cervantes Cinema in Seville, concluding the week of cinema offered by the Akida Film Festival.

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