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Anticlimax, candidate for the Akida Film Awards

By Alejandro Barco Mourad, 02.07.2024

Directed by Néstor López and Óscar Romero, this intriguing short film is one of the nominees in the comedy category at the festival. Starring Manolo Solo and Belén López, this work, which has also been a candidate for the Goya Awards, may receive several nominations for the event to be held in September.

Anticlimax is a short comedy-drama film starring acclaimed actors Manolo Solo (Goya Award winner for his role in The Fury of a Patient Man) and Belén López (Goya nominee for her performance in 15 Years and One Day).

Anticlimax delves into themes of miscommunication, monotony, and relationship issues through a unique narrative device: the simultaneous dreams experienced by the protagonists on the same night.

In this dream-like depiction of a marital crisis, we witness the protagonists grappling with doubts about their love, the blurred memories of how they first met and who they were in their distant youth, and their perceptions of each other before and after their long relationship. These dreams raise profound questions that seek answers and solutions to their evident problems, which manifest through their subconscious.

Music plays a crucial role in illustrating the inner thoughts of the protagonists. Songs like "What is Love" and "Please Don’t Go" are featured throughout the film, providing insight into their emotional states. While the subject matter is deep, it is approached with a lighthearted and relaxed tone.

Anticlimax is not only a strong contender for the Best Comedy Short Film award at the Akida Film Festival but also likely to earn acting nominations for its lead duo. Directors Néstor López and Óscar Romero (also the screenwriter) excel in guiding the main cast, which includes Alicia Armenteros, Jorge Clemente, and Fabián Castro, who portray the characters in their younger years.

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