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The Akida International Film Festival Celebrates its Debut in Seville.

Seville, August 15, 2023 - The Akida International Film Festival is about to make its debut on the global cinematic stage with its first edition to be held in the charming city of Seville. With a week filled with exciting events, screenings, and galas, the festival aims to bring together film enthusiasts with an exceptional selection of independent short films.

From September 2nd to 9th, Sevilla will become the epicenter of independent cinema, with the Akida International Film Festival rolling out its red carpet for both professional and amateur filmmakers. Rooted in the heart of the city, this unique event aims to provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase their creations and connect directly with an enthusiastic audience.

The Opening Gala, scheduled for September 2nd, promises to be an unforgettable night, full of stars and influential personalities in the culture and entertainment industry. This dazzling event will kick off a week full of cinematic creativity and artistic exploration.

The Avenida 5 Cinemas in Seville will become the home of the screenings for the 46 finalist short films, which have been selected from a wide range of genres and styles. Filmmakers will compete in categories such as Best Drama, Best Thriller, Best Documentary, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, and Best Actress. The excitement will reach its peak at the Closing Gala, which will take place on the night of September 9th, where the coveted awards will be announced and presented.

This first edition of the Akida International Film Festival not only aims to celebrate cinematic creativity but also presents three special events that promise to further enrich the festival experience. These events will provide attendees with the opportunity to engage in conversations and debates about the world of cinema, visual storytelling, and the evolution of the industry.

With a combination of captivating films, inspiring events, and the opportunity to connect with passionate filmmakers, the Akida International Film Festival is set to captivate Seville and the world of cinema in its first edition.

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