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The faces of "Janus Mask"

The short film premieres in September during the festival week.

Akida Films released the official trailer for the short film "Janus Mask" in May, after 10 months of production, announcing its official premiere on September 5th.

It should be mentioned that in June 2022, Akida Films also released a teaser trailer for the film with hopes of a March 2022 release, but unfortunately, the production was delayed.

The cast includes Javier Castañeda, Chema Martínez, Carlos Parra, Esther Argüelles, Carlota Piñero, Alba Béjar, Curro Bizcocho, and Enrique Ponce. The film was directed by Nick Kremm and written by E. Dimitris Pontikakis Batana. During the 10 months of production, Agustín Claros also collaborated and assisted with the direction and artistic direction.

"A rewarding process for the film's realization: collaboration, stress, and creativity together."

"It was a pleasant process to make the film. A lot of stress, a lot of creativity, and most importantly, great collaboration with everyone. The idea came from Dimitris; we were in a meeting one day looking for a good story. He proposed it, and here we are. I thought it was a brilliant idea as it dramatically showcases the two sides of reality. What is reality? That was the concept we were working on. We held auditions for the actors. Many auditioned, but personally, I believe that our selection was the best possible. Most of them were theater actors or young actors whose interpretive talent came from theater classes. We created a friendly atmosphere on set. The problem was that initially, we were filming for four consecutive days, at least 10 hours each day. Therefore, there was a lot of stress and fatigue, but the team and cast remained united and worked perfectly well."

- Nick Kremm

Carlos Parra, portraying Janus in his teenage years, had previously worked with Nick on the production "Destino," which was selected for the Oregon Sci-Fi Film Festival in 2022. Carlos has experience in both theater and film acting. He has participated in a variety of short films directed by renowned directors in the Seville area.

Fun fact: He and Carlota Piñero are together in real life, which facilitated the production process as they had to be very close to each other.

Agustín Claros Álvarez started co-directing with Nick Kremm when the production was postponed. Agustín Claros has years of experience in digital filmmaking and has been recognized for his expertise in directing and coordinating actors. One of his most popular works, "La Razón La Encuentran los Culpables," was a collaboration with Akida Films, along with many other companies.

Watch the trailer here:

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