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Film "Janus Mask" is going to be screened at AIFF 2023

The release date is finally public.

Nick Kremm's film "Janus Mask" (La Mascara de Janus) will have its big premiere on the 5th of September in the festival without being in the competition process.

Starring Javier Castañeda, Carlos Parra, and Chema Martínez the film will have its big premiere in the municipal auditorium of Tomares, where the festival's premiere is going to take place as well.

The film took 10 months to complete and is 20 minutes long. It was produced in by Akida Films in collaboration with Sevilla Film Office, Estudios Aroisa, IES Itaca and Hotel Sandra. A crew bigger than 40 people is now waiting to see the final result and celebrate the release of the film with the VIP afterparty.

We are going to open the afterparty tickets for people who might want to attend to network by the end of August.

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