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Mes de Marruecos

The inaugural event, "The Month of Morocco," stands as a pioneering initiative crafted through a symbiotic partnership with Fundacion Tres Culturas—an esteemed Foundation intricately interwoven with the administrations of Andalusia and Morocco. Together, they zealously endeavor to champion the rich tapestry of Mediterranean culture, ushering forth a celebration that harmoniously transcends borders and nurtures cultural enlightenment.

In this esteemed collaboration, we take great pleasure in presenting a selection of cinematic marvels hailing from the culturally rich tapestry of Morocco. Among these masterpieces is the profoundly captivating film "HABIBI," a creation helmed by the esteemed director Guillermo Cabot. Notably, this cinematic gem had the distinct honor of being handpicked during our previous edition in 2023, and it swiftly captured the hearts of our discerning audience, emerging as a firm favorite.

Photos from the event



Official Selection

Waking Up

15 min | Drama | Marruecos

Directed by Saad Benidir

On her first day of work, Hiba finds herself trapped inside her apartment with the keys in the hands of her absent husband. In a race against time, she embarks on a desperate search for an emergency key, unearthing hidden marital issues that lead her on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

Official Selection


24 min | Drama | Marruecos

Directed by Anas Zemati

Said is a young man forced to work as a scarecrow, He lives a routine and boring life, He and his sweetheart Zineb try to escape from their bitter reality in search of a better life, but his fear of the unknown makes him struggle with himself.

1689447516654_1684361138862_1681688751822_Bouchaib EN poster (Copiar).jpg

Official Selection


13 min | Drama | Marruecos

Directed by Ali Boudra

During the colonial period in Morocco, some Moroccans studying in foreign schools experienced the conflict between the traditional Quranic school (el-Msid) and the modern European school. While the Msid carried the weight of identity and tradition, the modern school imposed itself through the allure of knowledge and culture, creating a situation of alienation. Bouchaib, the Moroccan child who joined the French school after attending the Quranic school, will undergo the experience of identity alienation that won't even spare his name.

Official Selection


10 min | Drama | España

Directed by Guillermo Cabot

A city bus travels through the city. It stops, and an Arab couple boards. He addresses her loudly and nervously. The passengers watch the increasingly heated argument with distrust and concern until one of the passengers decides to intervene: "You, my dear, please sit down...".

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